Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bachelor Patio Makeover ||

OHHHHHHH! DO I have a makeover for you today. Since recently moving back to Idaho, I have been rekindling old friendships. Most of my college friends have gone on to marry, buy houses, and secure great careers for themselves. I am so proud of them! I've been thinking of a career path for myself lately and I'm really wanting to get my paws in the designing/organizing business. It's always been a passion of mine, and nothing is going to hold me back!

Fortunately for me, I have wonderful friends who allow me to come into their houses, work my magic, and make it a home. One of my friends is killing it in his careers and living a bachelors dream. David, is seriously one of the most genuine friends you could ever have. So funny, laid back and easy to get along with. David was telling me that now he is 30, its time for him to have a good looking house, where furniture matches and it feels like a sick ass home. 

Operation Bachelor Pad is underway for him. My first task, was the backyard patio. He loves to spend a great deal of his time in the backyard. He already had some great outdoor furniture to work with. Just lacking what he calls "a women's touch".


Right away my mind was instantly working out the details. The furniture need to be reconfigured, lights needed to be hung, outdoor table would be a must, a designated central seating area to kick up your feet was required. 

David also wanted the patio to finished for mothers day weekend. He had friends in town and wanted to entertain with his new bbq. Pressed for time, I would have to buy all accessories local. This can go two ways: either you're lucky and score what you need or you settle for "this will do".
I got LUCKY!!!! 

First I cleared out all the furniture. Clean slate. 

Next I hung the lights and cleaned off the patio. Install time baby!


My color scheme was grey, white, pops of blue. 

I broke up the long couch into two lounging corners. I used one of the ottomans to create a side table.

David had an old table, which I painted the top in a light grey color. I found the chairs at Target.

Adding an outdoor rug can really bring your whole seating space together. Everything is centered around the rug. I loved the simple pattern and neutral colors of this rug. It didn't need to be flashy to be classy! 

These wood beads were my absolute favorite! 

I added extra lighting with lanterns and flameless candles. Another key element I like to keep in mind when designing, is to make sure there are plenty of tables and trays to put your cocktails on. Nothing is more annoying to me, then having to hold an ice cold beverage because there is no side table. EW!

David told me he likes everything to be symmetrical. CLAP! CLAP! David. I too, like everything looking balanced and matching, then bohemian and mismatched. Buying everything in twos will help you keep that symmetrical look in tack. 

I love how his patio turned out! Clean, simple, symmetrical. Next up in operation Bachelor Pad, is the dining room. I am eagerly awaiting for all the furniture to come in. I'll be sharing the details hopefully sooner than later! 

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  1. This patio makeover is nothing short of amazing. Your property suddenly transforms. I need your kind of decorative eye. My wife would be quite appreciative if I did. Love the couch sitting area; it's still masculine but attractive to the feminine eye as well. Very nicely put together, thanks for sharing the transformation!