Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stetson's Room ||

Hi guys!

I have so caught the "need for change" bug that has been going around. I think it has something to do with springtime and all the sunshine. Or maybe because I have been busy helping others spruce up their homes and spaces. However I contracted it, I don't care, I am loving all the changes going on around our heavy bungalow.

As I was playing with our two year old in his room, something we don't do often enough, I started to really evaluate his living situation. I haven't touched his room since we moved in. No, that's a lie, I did swipe out his curtains at one point. It was just plain and simple with a horrible layout of his furniture. I knew that I could do better. I knew I wanted to paint. I LOVE to paint! And above all, I wanted to create a room for him to love, and enjoy. I have a feeling we'll be transitioning into a big boy bed this summer. Fixing his room up will help with that!

First off, the layout. How can I improve the layout. He has a big dresser and crib, and one blank wall to work with.

It feels tight and chaotic in his room. I hated the dresser and bookshelf being next to each other. 

The dresser was to long and wouldn't fit where his crib was. I REALLY wanted the dresser here. 

I also hated how short and stalky this dresser was for this space. Unbalanced. 


Literally, a lightbulb went on in my head, switch the dressers. After measuring and remeasuring to make sure I wasn't loosing myself in the excitement, the dresser swap was so going to happen! What a world of difference it made to both rooms. The tedious part was switching out all the drawers, but also very therapeutic and much needed.  

So grown-up!

Second step was deciding what I was going to paint on the walls. I had a couple ideas including camo, triangles, the sky or these trees that I'm so obsessed with. 


I went for the trees. I had the help from my sister and sister in law. I told them, this will be super easy and fun. They did not think it very easy but the champagne made it fun! 



We call it Camo trees! 

I love how the blue dresser fits perfectly in this corner. 

And I love this little corner!

There is still more that needs to be done. I am creating a gallery wall around Stetson's crib. You can see it's starting to take shape. I also need to snap some pics of his little toy corner and more pictures of the room. It's been really gloomy out so the lighting is terrible and of course nap time doesn't allow me to get in there. 

I truly love how his room feels. You walk in and it feels happy! Which is all I was going for. This past weekend I have found Stetson multiple times, playing in his room. That's multiple times compared to his few times!!!