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Halloween 2015 || #oneforthebooks

Who is suffering from a Halloween hangover?!! I'm not complaining. If daylight savings and halloween can fall on the same weekend again that would be great. Everyone is still in their jammers and small snacking on left overs are just the right recipe for a nap. I'm going to take one!

(yummy treats my sis and I made)

This Halloween has gone down in my books as a favorite! Boise takes halloween very seriously. You'll see characters all day on the 31st of October. Justin and I live in the coveted treat or treating district: The North End. All the giant, historic mansions aline historic Harrison Boulevard, decorating top to bottom in all things spooky. Christmas doesn't stand a chance to Harrison. Being so close to all the action, Justin and I thought it a good idea to invite some close friends over for some spooktaular fun.

FUN! It was. None of our friends had ever experienced Harrison Blvd. on halloween, including us. I made hosting easy by going with simple easy recipes that feed a crowd. I made a crockpot chilli that was literally no maintenance whatsoever and already in it's serving dish. I did a huge costco run that morning with my dad. They have a mac and cheese that is so yummy and only eleven bucks! Dishes like chilli and mac and cheese are both Parent / kid friendly. My girlfriends offered to help with side dishes and it was wonderful to have that extra weight off my plate. Never be afraid to except someones help. If they are offering it usually means they genuinely want to help! 

(my best helper)

I always put my husband in charge of beverages. He so much better at knowing what cocktails please a crowd. On the day of the party, we help each other with what needs to be done and take turns watching Stetson. Justin is always good at taking charge of what house work needs to be done on a general scale, like taking out the trash, yard work, etc., while I pay attention to the more detailed part of the party. He's defiantly my best partner in crime.

Boo Bummer. I am a loser! I was so busy having fun and hosting, that I didn't take a single picture of my decorations. So stupid of me, and I'm so bummed because it was so cute! Had a great time and equaled a priceless memory.  

The day before halloween, Justin and I were invited to a costume party. Something we were kinda excited about but it would be okay if we couldn't find a sitter. YEAH RIGHT! I tried every phone number in the book. I was asking the girls at kids club if they or any of their friends could baby sit. EVERYONE had plans. On friday morning I was down to my last two options. Shaking my head all morning through Target and Trader Joes, really feeling like my parents in this moment. I can vaguely but distinctly remember my mother scrambling to find a sitter. The adrenalin was almost too much but at 4 pm we had a confirmed sitter. 

Justin and I didn't have any costumes planned out. I had some ideas in mind and it boiled down to what was easy and cheap! Mary poppins. done. I had all the main wardrobe pieces. The only I bought was the bowtie and floral head piece from h&m. $15 total. Justin was so good at finding his costume. He had a pink wig and from their was rolling with what he could find. My leopard jacket was key to achieving that classic 80s rocker. He wore all my clothes including the jeans. He was sexy!

(parents night out)

Next it was party time! Stetson was Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy

I think he liked being Jax. I got him skeleton gloves, which he really liked to wear. The rest of the outfit was really easy to put together. We had the leather vest. I found the white shoes at a thrift store. The chain was my sisters necklace. I had order a reaper patch to put on his vest but it never came.

 SO T.O.

Are these monsters not the cutest. I loved every single one and their costume. 
Well done friends, well done. 

Okay yes, this is what it really looks like trying to snap their photo. 

Stetson's slicked back hair was money.

We pulled him with a leash

...but mostly it rode like this

Family Photo :]

(She's telling us that there are 105 pumpkins on their steps!)

Oh! and they passed out glow sticks! Brilliant. The news reported that residents spend up to $500 on candy. Can you imagine. Oh and speaking of the news, Stetson made it on the local station reporting on all the live action in the North End. 

So Mr. Cool

Our Crew. 

Stetson was cautious but brave when seeing scary monsters. He stayed close to his dad. 

His most favorite part of this Halloween though, was passing out candy to all our trick or treaters. He loved seeing them come up the walk and would be ready to give each tricker a treat! It was the best kind of weather too. OMG! So nice. Overcast and damp but warm. A light sweater was truly all you needed. Every child was able to have their costumes visible.

This halloween was magical. Having a child old enough to enjoy the holiday gives it a whole new level of fun. Spending halloween with friends was especially fun. Everything and everyone was so casual. People can either get dressed up or just roll with the good times. I've never seen so many happy and crowed group of characters. It was a mini, bitty disneyland right next door to our house! I hope everyone else enjoyed this Halloween as much as I did. Defiantly journaled this one for the memory books.  

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