Friday, October 30, 2015

Denim on Denim ||

Happy October 30th! This morning I woke up to an epic sunrise that filled the entire sky of warm hues of pink and orange. All our windows in our entire 1100 sq. foot house had the October sky pasted on them. I felt as if I was in another world. Boise, I get it, your beautiful. Im already on board living here. You don't have to show off like you do. I'm also not complaining!

Lately,  I've been rocking my denim on denim look. Before you go all EW! on me, and throw me in the Britney and Justin mistake files of 2001; denim on denim can be done and look awesome! 

( Even their accessories our denim)

Stick to the formula and you can't go wrong: 
Light denim top + DARK denim bottoms + Leather = Chic Girl! Hola!

I say Dark denim on bottom for a handful of reasons. 
A. Dark = Slimming Sometimes you have to give your coveted black jeans a break. Darker denim is the next best thing. 
B. Light on bottom, dark on top doesn't sit well with the eye. Think of yourself as a tree. The trunk is always darker than it's leaves. You'll attract some questionable looks from others, because you are essentially playing trick on their vision. 

(Casually posing)

Denim tops are so easy to come by these days. A classic Chambray top is the BEST, and not to mention staple, to any wardrobe. You can splurge at J.Crew or hit up your local Target. 

I found one of mine, yes I have several, tops at anthropologie. I loved the twist on the classic button-up. It almost makes it more of a blouse than button-up.

Accessorize with leather and natural fibers. I'm wearing my Janessa Leone straw panama hat. I get so much mileage out of this hat. With the days turning colder and chilly, a wool hat would complement denim on denim. I recently got this ash grey wool hat from Target. I wear it almost everyday. 

My boots are made by Matisse. I own a couple pairs of Matisse footwear. I love their edgy take on boots. Im a sucker for a pointed toe. Try to stick with a leather or neutral shoe. You're already drawing attention wearing two tones of denim. Keep your accessories simple and neutral.

This outfit is perfect for a girls lunch, casual movie date, birthday parties, visiting grandma. The list can go on. Just remember, dark on bottom light on top!!

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