Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When do you start decorating for Christmas ||

Holy Moly! I cannot believe that next week will officially be one YEAR since we took the risk and moved to Boise. The scariest decision that Justin and I had to make together, for our family and our future.

(the day before we moved)

I have to admit, I was the one who dragged my feet here. Who resisted the most and kept sneaking back to California every chance I could get.

Something happened though, Stetson was growing up. I am stay at home mom, first and most importantly. Boise was the start of Stetson and I really being on our own during the days, in our own home. I've been teaching him motor skills and manners without even knowing it, this past year. At 18 months, he was ready to go! He'd developed skills that unlock his curiosity and imagination. We started exploring our neighborhood with a daily walk around the block. Soon, it was 3 times around  and now we cross the street! He knows to wait and hold my hand, sticking out his little finger and calling for me "mamma". He is starting to really crank out some words. He ran up to me a few weeks ago with a toy cow in hand. He threw his head back and made a deep "moooooooo" sound. It was the first time he had ever spoke to me by his own free will. (If that makes sense)

(best fwiends)

I was so preoccupied in this new stage of his life, that I had no time to think about missing our life in California. We were busy making a new life and home in Boise. It's been the fastest, but best year of our lives. Justin and I are not messing around anymore. We have goals and future plans for our family. I have never felt more in step with my husband then now. Boise has been the best gift I've ever had and I never knew I wanted it.

I'm sure you're wondering where I am going with this, because I am too!

So, last year we moved on Thanksgiving day. I spent the entire next month putting things away, organizing the chaos, and having Christmas. It is SO NOT in my blood to go a holiday without having some sort of decoration. And it's Christmas for pete sake. My christmas decorations are some of my most prized possessions. I have one bin that I specifically put my favorites in. It's a different color than the rest of the christmas bins. (Yes, that's plural, I have BINS) If there was ever a fire, Justin would be getting our son and dog to safety, while I made a run to grab this bin.
It also happens to be the first bin I open too. Sort of like a commencement on Christmas decorating. Inside, holiday cheer radiates out. Colors of whites, creams, minty blues and teals, greenery, sparkles, glass glitter and just a pop of red. These are a few of my favorite things. It's no surprise I love the color blue, it's everywhere in our home. The one color you will not find is red. I do not like the color red, sam I am, but what I do LOVE is when minty blues and spots of cheery reds come together in Christmas decor. It's my favorite combination and I don't see it changing for years to come.

Every year, I pick a theme on how I will decorate. Our first year as a married couple, I decorated the house much like our wedding; mercury glass, burlap and lace. I spent a ton of money that year on ornaments and christmas decorations. I bought wreaths, realistic looking garlands and spray for every corner in our small apartment. I went a little overboard but didn't really care. It was the start to 'our' christmas' as a family.


Our second year, I wanted a fun white christmas. What's that you asked? For starters, we had a flocked white tree. It was to this date, my favorite tree. I had colorful ornaments of blues, pinks, reds, yellow, confetti. I spent the entire year collecting vintage colorful ornaments from the thrift stores and flea markets. Oh yeah, scoring deals on christmas ornaments in June. My friends thought I was nuts, but our tree that year was fun!! Our house had white garlands trimmed with unique and colorful bulbs. We also hosted a Christmas party for all our friends and it was a blast.

(I can't figure out how to flip)

(Fun right!)

(Invitations I made for our Christmas party)

(35 weeks pregnant on Christmas with Stetson)

Last year, was the charlie brown year. Minimal decor, minimal tree. (a twig really) I limited my self on all our ornaments and only put important ones up. We had no shelfs, and no tabletops. I did my best but it was half ass. Not this year, I've been thinking of this year since the day after christmas 2014. This year is going to be even more ridiculously fun with Stetson and the age he's at. Just shy of two, he's going to experience the true joy in Christmas. It will be another gift that is priceless.

( SO much change to this space over the past year)

Today, I broke down and opened thee bin. It was meant to be harmless, I was only grabbing my favorite christmas pillow cover. Rocky mistake. Both Stetson and I's eyes widen and smiles were painted across our faces. We went in but only to grab neutral decor. Bottle brush trees, boxwood wreaths, and piney garland. Nothing that had Santa or color. It was so hard. I kept catching glimpse of my nutcracker, Cringle, and the soft red mohair suit belonging to Santa. No, I'm staying strong until the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. That's when my mom started decorating for Christmas and I think it's the perfect time for us too. It's officially when we will turn on our outdoor lights and start listening to Christmas music. Then we spend that Saturday picking out a tree to bring home and decorate. It is a weekend I look forward to all year round and a joyous tradition for our family.

(Last years loot, minus the most important "baby's first christmas")

Which leaves me with the question, When do you start decorating for Christmas?! I love to hear of other's Christmas traditions or maybe this is the year you'll be starting a new one!

(my finale pic I swear) 


  1. So cute! I officially start the Saturday after Thanksgiving. But in the last couple of years have been keeping it minimal and neutral. I have a whole storage room of bins and feel so guilty that I don't get it all out..... But ugh.... It's too much!! I'm anxious to see what creeps out of my bins this year! ~Kim

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