Friday, October 23, 2015

Date Night Attire ||

It's so rarely that Justin and I find ourselves on date nights. It may sound like a crime, but the truth is we are true homebodies that love being at home. We enjoy our nightly routine as a family. 

But again, remember, Stetson and I are working on our "independence" from one another. Date nights are becoming a favorite outlet. My family is so close now and my sister especially closer. Stetson and her have such a loving relationship, it's so sweet to witness. She is the one pushing us out the door and god bless her for it. 

Thursday night, date night are rare but usually the best ones! We live in a great little neighborhood right in the historic district of Boise; The North End. 

Gigantic trees that date back to the 1900s line the number streets that stretch all the way to 36th. A good mix of old and newly updated homes that still have that character of historic charm. With in walking distance to our house is "Hyde Park"; a mini block filled with restaurants and coffee shops and my favorite, the Stinker station!

This is our go to location for a Thursday night date. I love this cooler weather because I get to layer my outfits with a jacket and scarf. I throw on the beanie because I didn't do my hair today. Then its off a couple blocks and we're there. Passing by beautiful trees all changing their colors to rich autumn hues.  

I  always ask Justin to snap a pic for me. He has such a creative eye. For that night he brought along his professional camera. The difference between a pro's camera and iPhone is a complete game changer. Oh no dear, you may have just walked into something :]

I've been trying to wear more lipstick. I sometimes fail at a being a girly girl. I figure it's a good way to gussy up my outfit. I also brought along a scarf. I have a good collection but a collection is all they are. I never think to wear a scarf and when I do, I hate having it hang from neck. It gets in the way most of the time. I don't have time for that shiz. But for a quick two blocks I'm game. 

OH yeah! Aside from taking great photos, J also got me these all black chucks for my birthday. I waited all summer to wear them, so I could have a new shoe for fall. I have been living in them everyday. It even inspired our halloween costumes. 

My bag was a purchase off Gilt four years ago. Remember Gilt. Well, anyway, it's made by Gwen Stefani's line LAMB. I bust it out every fall and winter and it never fails me. It's one of my favorite purses. 

I like this outfit so much, I think it will be a repeat for this weekend. It's such an easy outfit to wear. A simple black tee with my ripped denim. I throw on one of my leather jackets. (For my 30th birthday, I'm saving up for one that fits just right.) #goals 
I like wearing my chucks verses my boots because I like the attitude it brings with the outfit.  

I will now be spending the day cleaning up the home and looking forward to the "no plans" of this weekend. Hope yours is enjoyable too! 

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