Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Season of Independence and Fitness ||

I have forgotten how wonderful an Autumn in Idaho feels like. It's a small slice of pumpkin pie. As the season turned into chilly mornings and perfect afternoons, so did my outfit options. I'm all about layers this season. It has been so fun to wear denim jeans with light layers of a scarf or sweater. I love wearing denim jeans. I take my time when selecting jeans. I try on every brand under the sun and when I find one that fits right, I pay the damage and happily move on. I have few favorites, though, that I haven't really fit right into since having a child. Its time I take back my pre baby size jean.

(Mother Denim)

Stetson is almost 21 months now, an independent age for the social baby. It's time we spend more time away from each other and do "us" independently. I think it will be good for the both of us. We are all pretty independent in this family.


My course of action was joining the local gym Axiom, in Boise. They have a wonderful gym culture and a great kids club! I have always been into fitness and nutrition. Justin and I would work out regularly before we were parents. Even while pregnant,  I circuit trained until Stetson's due date, and was back in the saddle three months later. When we moved to Boise last November, I was way to preoccupied with getting the house in order and dealing with terribly cold weather. No time to work out. I can't remember what my excuse for the summer was, but I'm sure Carls Jr. was the answer.

(I want toned legs!)

Anyway, it's October now and I'm looking soft in some areas. I hit rock bottom last week when I put down the oreo's and ran straight to the gym. It's been great! GREAT! I'm trying something completely new, Weight Training. I've never have before. It's completely foreign to me being a total cardio ho250. I am all signed up with Bodyspace from BodyBuilding.Com . I am able to track all my progress and weight training with the click of my app. I have started the "Jaime Eason's Live Fit Trainer". I can't stress how cool this Bodyspace app is. It has so many helpful tools that helps me stay focused at the gym.

(Switching to tea in the afternoons)

I keep mindful of my diet, that's the key. Mindset is a powerful thing. After having a butt whooping workout I feel amazing and jello-ie! The adrenaline is powerful and up lifting. There is truth in fitness. So after sweating my butt off, why on earth would I spoil it for something like waffles, a brownie or dare I say donut. NO! Now I am all about eggs and healthy meal planning.

Once you get through that very first starting point of ugh, what have I done, to Hell Yeah! I just had a great work out. The desire for an Oreo or CJ's isn't their anymore. Greek Yogurt for the win!

(Really giving a go at taking photos)

What other tool I use to motivate me and keeping me on track are 'before' photos. A real photo, no sucking in photo. It keeps me going. I don't look at it for the first month. Sometimes the second month, and then you compare and it's the taste of satisfaction in your mouth. A motivator so real that celery now becomes really appetizing.

(Hard work pays off)

The results of staying active and healthy are beyond rewarding. I've never felt more better about myself then when I am in the ideal jean size. Confidence and creativity become my guiding force. I think this another side effect of turning 30.

(I think red lips are very 30)

So I work out, Stetson plays with complete stranger kids without me their to facilitate, and then we both regroup afterwards for a happy car ride home. Figuring it out about this early motherhood thing!

(again with the self timer!)

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