Saturday, October 17, 2015

These October Days ||

October has been so good to us and we're only halfway through. It's magic. 

Here's a sum up of our past few weeks of Autumn bliss :: 

Lounged at home on the weekends with my crew and enjoyed cups of coffee on the couch.

Decorated my only shelfie in the home. Striped it down to wood and white hues. 

Picked up some 'silver dollar' eucalyptus and tried to get crafty with it.  I used basic twine and rope to tie the elements together. It's basic and simple and I love it. Plus the house smells good!

Ever go way back in your IG to the beginning and go "wtf". Totes did it, but look what I found. Justin and I's first newlywed Halloween/ apartment. We had just gotten settled in our new place and had a Halloween Housewarming. Those were some good days! #tbt

Space is limited in the Heavy Bungalow, so I tried to stay light on the decor. 

I kept to a simple equation of white + natural + a hint of sage green = light and homey

I however, went wild for the the traditional fall colors on the front porch!

My dad is so Idaho. He is in the potato industry and is one hell of a farmer. He dropped off a 50 pound bag of potatoes on our door step! Roasted vegetables on repeat. 

 Mini man and I have been baking delicious treat; that have made me join a gym. I don't mind running an extra mile or two for moments spent like this. It's everything.

Like I said, lots of crafts. Don't be fooled by his face, he loved it and still asks me for "more"

I've tidy up the place for this weekend because my mom is in town. Time to get out of our cozy bed and rejoin the fall festivities and fun! 

Have a wonderful weekend and beautiful fall days. 

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