Friday, October 9, 2015

Entry Way ||

Hi all! Well, if anyone is keeping track, it has been almost a year since our move to Idaho. Yes, it's true, I left kicking and screaming California. Their was so many things that I would miss, friends that I have made, family that I love. Plus the shopping, the beaches, the ocean breeze, moist skin, warm winters. How will I ever be happy with a life back in Idaho....

...Oh, October. Idaho's secret weapon.

Their are a couple things I took away from our trip to California this past September. One: I do miss my family and friends a ton. Two: I missed my little family and routine in Boise even More!

By the end of our trip I was itching to get back home and back into the routine of life. I am such a homebody. As the leaves are turning, cooler mornings, a snuggly Stetson and cozy coffee have become all the rage around here. Plus, the extra yummy layers I get to put on. I'm just starting to fit properly in my clothes, pre baby. All the denim I was worried that I would never fit into again. I have such an urge to wake up everyday and put something cute on. Do something productive, and make sure my family is happy and fed.

I'm also feeling pretty confident in my current state of life. It fuels my creativity and drive to want to do better. (Another side effect of turning 30, I'm sure) Justin, too, as caught the 30 bug!


As our one anniversary approaches, J and I feel like we are just getting comfortable in our routine and home. I've been crazy clean queen remember. The more "homebodyish" we become, the more I pay attention to all the house projects I want to get done.

(patched hole!!!)

Our Entry way was one of them. Justin patched a huge hole that has been here since we moved in. Dang doorknobs and no door stops. I was totally stoked to see it patched when we came home. While taking pictures of it, and getting the perfect angle, I had to move some furniture out of the way. I pushed the checkered chair closer to the couch and by accident rearranged the entire room to be more "feng shui"! It completely opened up the "entry way" and brought the living room furniture more together. It was one of those mind blowing moments brought to by simple solutions. 

After the rearrange, I took myself on a date to TJ Maxx Home Goods. There I browsed up and down each aisle until I looked at the time and realized I just spent two hours doing that! I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and so many cute items to choose from. It was tough. Then I remembered that I wanted a larger mirror in the home. We don't have a full length mirror in the house and getting dressed can be a daunting task. Especially when you don't know what the whole package looks like.


I found two contenders but I picked the cream wood looking mirror. It was so simple and didn't look cheap. Looks like real white washed wood and the price was right!

(Small is ew!)

Oh but it wasn't full length. Right before Justin went to put the hole in the wall I screamed STOP and gave him a heart attack. "it has to be full length darling" Full Length will really pull this whole entry way together.

(working hard for me)

(Full length!)

Were a conceded family. We all like to look at ourselves. Stetson's the worst! 

(I also picked up some leather pulls for our tv stand/dresser)

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  1. You are right! That mirror opens up the space and looks perfect there. Did you return the other and get the full-length one there? Just found your blog and your feed. #newfollowerimpressed