Sunday, September 6, 2015

Leaving For Home (second home) ||

That's right! Stetson and I are kicking the hay off our boots and heading back home for the next couple of weeks! Okay, we're really not anywhere close to having hay near our boots. Stetson is a year in a half now, jibber jabbering like crazy, extremely expressive with his face and hands, and is such a loving kid. He makes us proud parents. tear.

 It's time to go back to all our friends and family and have a mini reunion!

I've really enjoyed Boise weather this past week. It has been a small taste of fall and I love it! I've lived in my ripped denim and black tee shirts for this past week. Then the weekend left us all a small gift of chilly mornings that required a cozy sweater and hot drink. A taste is all I need though.

(Stetson! Don't get bored with me just yet) 

I'm looking forward to days full of perfect 80 degree weather and sunshine. I love Southern California in September. The weather is still hot and the beach traffic shuffles out. You can have an entire plop of sand if you wanted too!

(Oh, and we also started taking enjoyable family walks around our neighborhood.)
- I swear we love it

My packing list is going to be very generic and simple. It will consist of basic neutral colors that will allow me to mix and match through out the weeks that we'll be there. The weather forecast predicts high eighty the entire time. I always check the weather and ask a native what really does it feel like.

I've broken down my needs by categories. Tops. Bottoms. Shoes. Accessories. Just as if I were shopping online. In fact I like to think of my closet as the store and my suitcase the shopping cart. Im not good at knowing exactly what I'm going to wear on exactly what days. I never know what my mood is going to be like or what the group is doing for the day. I like to go with the flow. Plus, HELLO, you always have to factor in the new things you might buy while there. ...ZARA's fall line and sale will always leave you feeling like a boss!

So I'm off to start packing and making the lists that I know are necessary, like toiletries and snacks for the plane!

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