Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Routine or Fun Week ||

This past week has gone by in just the right amount of time. I feel as though my summer was short lived and yet enjoyable all at the same time. I'm in now rush for fall but it seems I am in the minority of opinion. Yes, do I long to be wearing a light fuzzy sweater for our walks in the morning, with out a doubt, but the thought of loosing Summer is almost unbearable. I almost felt weird ordering ice cream last night with my pops and sis. 

Summer went by fast. Really fast. July was perfect, but in just a blink August is gone! We've had a lot of playing catch up with past friends this summer. While being busy making some new friends too! On top of playdates, my best friend since 9th grade was getting married the end of August. So many fun shenanigans leading up to the big day!

 The Bride

My favorite outfit purchase from this Summer :: A Romper from Abercrombie

Girl chat in the ladies room. I love being a girl! 

Now that the wedding is over, this past week has really felt as if a new routine was forming. 

Playdates on Monday

Learning independent play time

Heatwave by Hump Day

 Made some space for soon-to-be extra layers

MAJOR Fall Cleaning

18 Month old checkup on Friday....took it like a champ!

Now it's Saturday and we've already had a delightful morning. We met some of our new friends for donuts. 

Hit up the Farmers Market

Rode the escalators a dozen times

Came home to have a healthy lunch before nap time. Dad was on eating watch and it looked way more fun than when I do it. #GENERALmom

I could have more of these weeks and this kind of awesome grey and muggy warm day we are having today in Boise. Cute jeans and light layered tops for the win!

....and just like that, i've jumped on the "fall" bandwagon...

insert circle mouth emoji! 

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