Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Deep De-Cluttering Moments ||

Whoa! I can't believe its August 25th already. Boise has been having horrible forrest fires that makes me sad and the air smokey. The days have been cooler and mostly spent inside. Oh did I mention, I also have a 1.5 year old cutting his last set of molars too! Tensions been hot and the house felt of chaos.

Chaos is so not what I want anymore. I want structure and simplicity. I want to make do with what we have and appreciate what we've got. It feels really "adult like". Yes, that it. I'm turning into a grown up. I'm not even mad about it. Im embracing my last 9 months of being 29 and preparing for my thirties. I'm ready to kick some serious ass.

We matched :)

Chaos! Simply won't do anymore. We live in a very small home. If to many things get left out then, the whole house implodes. How do help relief the feelings of anxiety, DE-CLUTTER!

I went through it all and I'm just about to start round two! When we moved here in November of last year, I had to really leave behind things I was holding on to. I'm such a hoarder. I can't help it. It's DNA. We're coming up on a year of living in Boise, and I haven't really reorganized since the move.

My friend had mentioned she was reading this amazing Organizers book. Since she told me about it, I hear the book popping up in conversations all around me. The news is even reporting about it.

"Okay! I get it, de-clutter and restructure mine and my family's life".

That is the beauty of life and america right, you can always change who you are and what you want to be. Social media has a really good way of messing with your brain and making you feel and believe that you should be doing "Great" things by a certain age. Or you'll loose your window of opportunity and it's gone forever.

No way! Don't believe that. Don't fall prey to passive aggressive marketing.

For me, I love being a housewife. I love staying at home with our son and nesting all day long. I'm very fortunate to have a hardworking husband who goes out everyday to provide for us. I haven't been pulling my weight around here for the past couple of months because I'm stuck in a weird balance of my life. I want to help provide for my family but I just don't know where to start or what path to take.

I think it's time to start with the home itself. It's time to go through all the rooms and corners of my life and clean them up. Give everything a place and not let everything pile up. It's been challenging, but Oh so rewarding. I feel 10 lbs lighter with every step. I feel that if I can break free from the hoarding and disfunction that comes with it, I can be a better mother to my son. A better wife to my husband. Simplifying it down for all of us, so we can function happily. No more stressing over where something is because it now has a place. It's life changing and as the homemaker of this house, it is up to me to maintain the balance and function of this family and home. I'm honored to have the role.

I want more moments with cute naked baby in my sink!

I'm in it to win it now. I first attacked the room in the house that causes me most chaos. Our "Laundry Closet".  It's the only upstairs built in storage, also know as my junk closet. Anything I don't want to deal with. Ugh, put it in the closet. It also housed, toiletries, paper towels, pantry items, vases, junk.

Okay so ew, pantry items should not be stored with laundry items. ew. All the food soaked in the soapy flavors. I'll never make that mistake again.

I bought some little baskets and bins from Target's dollar section. They help keep the loose, smaller items together. My mom is a hygienist and bless her heart, she brings us samples of toothpaste and toothbrushes every visit. Having everything in one basket has been so helpful.

I don't travel much, but I do have all the mini versions of toiletries that I need. Putting all those items in a basket is so helpful when I do have to travel somewhere. My packing and unpacking was so easy because I had a spot to find and put everything. Don't you hate the unpacking part. EW!

I made the executive decision and got rid of all the pantry items that I worried had been tampered by soap.

Justin always irons his shirts for work and has to battle the closet too. I wanted to make sure the iron was easily accessible and easy to put away. I wanted nothing on the floor blocking or surrounding the ironing board.

I should also baby proof the closet. Make sure all cleaning products are up high and safely stowed away. I bought a cleaning caddy. It has everything for me to go around the house with and clean up those dust bunnies and everyday messes.

I'm still a glutton for punishment because I'm keeping the toilet paper in little hands reach. You just can't win them all.

Having this messy weight lifted off my shoulders really lights the fire in me to push through to the next area of disaster. Thank you all to listened to my deep thoughts about turning 30. I'm sure to share more soon.

...and just because he is so dang cute...

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