Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Business on Being Easter Bunny ||

This is my second annual duty on being the Easter Bunny!

3 months

Last year Stetson was just shy of three months so his basket was filled with tons on baby stuff. From nubbys to light up toys and of course a book!

This year, he'll be 14 months old, and boy is he curious about everything! The day in the life of Stetson consists of getting into every drawer, pulling everything out, have mamma put everything back, and repeat. He loves to twist the lids off of things and eat the insides. He likes to help mamma clean. Sweeping and swiffering in particular. When he slows down for a moment, he likes to pull out all his books and read. (insert emoji with smile tear)

Dear Stetson, the Easter Bunny has picked up on your subtle hints of things to fill your basket.

Basket form Target

The Bunny is from Papery and Pen. I've heard GREAT things about Native Shoes and think they are super cool for little boys! I will always include a book in the basket and Where's Spot was a childhood favorite of mine...like had no idea they still printed it!

The rest I filled with the dollar section at Target! My favorite section. The carrot necklaces are bubble necklaces :]

My Easter Bunny last year. 

It's hard to believe that he was ever this small. tear.

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