Monday, March 30, 2015

Living Room Inspo

I love interior design and LOVE shopping for item that make a home. Here is my inspiration board for what a perfect living room would be for me!

Living Room Inspo

Again, I am going for simple and that often includes a neutral palette. My dinning room chairs really set the tone for me. When looking for pieces for our home I repeat this mantra :

White, Wood, Neutral, Blues

The leather couch is the staple in this room. Kid friendly, it sets the tone of the room to be more relaxed. I loved these rattan chairs from Anthropologie. Such a fun shape and add a different texture to the room. Of course they may not be the coziest, so layering it with a soft fur throw would be a must!

I would really love a lucite coffee table. Our living room is small and this coffee table would help the room appear larger but also give us a place to rest our feet. Keeping the coffee table white or see through will help the room not feel so junky and small.

I gave three options for curtains because some times it's an easy way to change up a room. The grey linen is soft but also impactful. It adds dramatic to the room without even trying. The Semi Personality keeps the room light and fresh and the personality does all the work for me.

Pillows are another easy way to change a room. Keeping the pillows in the same, semi color wheel gives you freedom to mix pattern with stripes and polkadots. Indigo is so HOT right now. Very obtainable to add to your home if you got it in a pillow.

I am a long way to getting this room, but i'll see what I can thrift and hoard up on gift cards to get it!

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  1. Tell me when you thrift for that rug because I want it!! <3