Wednesday, July 31, 2013


in BUMP!!!! 


This is the true story of a husband and a wife who sailed off together with a great group of friends to the British Virgin Islands, drank a lot of rum, had a lot of laughs, and made a baby out of love. 

Justin and I are over the moon to announce that we are expecting a wee one, due this February!!!

My heart goes pitter patter every time I dream of little baby's face, or read about where baby is in development. This week, the size of a lime.

But my head goes frump every time I put on my jeans and they fit just a lil bit more snug than last time. I fear not though, I plan on kicking pregnancy booty!!

 I'll be sharing a bunch through this pregnancy like: tips on fitness, easy healthy meals for the fatigued soul, things mom's really need and things to leave. I've been a nanny since I was 18, that's 9 years of experience in pushing strollers, changing diapers, feeding, play time, NAP time!  I've worked for several different families, each had their own unique way of parenting. I've taken things from each family that I liked and things that I DIDNOT like and I plan on sharing my knowledge. 

Thank you for checking out my post, I know I have been in hiding but baby ump has got my brain going again. I have lots to share and so many diy (both baby and non baby) AND I'm putting together and etsy shop! Say What!!!

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