Friday, December 28, 2012 re-do!

Hoarder: def. : Whitney Umphrey

I have a serious problem. its a goal for next year. i'm on it. 

I've completely taken over what's suppose to be our shared office. 

When I get on a project. it's like the office implodes. 

poor justin. he doesn't even get a full table to himself.

Or have a place to sit.

With the new computer, Justin will be sharing the space a lot more and I REALLY REALLY want him to feel comfortable and creative in this space too! Right now it's all girl power. 



ikea. home depot. tj maxx. and somewhere that sales office chairs.

...and BYE BYE gallery wall. You have inspired me well for almost two years! now its justin's turn. 

 come back MONDAY to see the results!

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