Monday, December 31, 2012 magic

Weekend. busy. non stop busy work.


Basically I:

Painted the walls in martha stewart: silhouette, eggshell. 

I choose black because its A. more calming then you think B. Justin works in dark edit bays all day so I thought he'd feel more cozy if the office felt dark too!

Don't mind those ugly cords. One of justin's photos has been blown up and will find its home under those lamps!

No more art wall...and I am not even sad about it

I added another, expedit shelf from ikea to hide my hoarding

I told Justin he has TOTAL control of what gets hung on the walls

.......TOTALLY regretting that....I just have so many ideas!.....

Our office and living room share the back wall. I made a drape to sorta blend the two colors together. 

my sewing chair
[$5 at a garage sale. painted white on top and gold for the legs. total cost = $8]

 Naturally, I have made myself two wittle corners for my inspiration....but the rest is for Justin. He deserves it!

i love love love these angel heads. They will look sooo good against the black wall

....I'll find a way to sneak them on the wall!....


The lockers were found at a flea market. I had extra L shape brackets and used them as hat hanger

I found an old metal bathroom pan at an antique store. I lined it with felt. added justin's watches and left space for his keys!

Fortunately,  I only had to make some miner tweeks and invest only $130 to make this office a man cave for Justin. 

Paint is what you are going to get the biggest bang for you buck! It makes the biggest difference and it's so easy to paint over when you grow tired of it!

I hope you all have a wonderful NYE! 

I'm sleeping in tomorrow!!!!!!!!

...or at least going to try...

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