Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"joy" ornament DiY!

Anyone a "Friend's" fanatic?!! Yes well i TOTES am. like. disgustingly know every episode from start to finish. fanatic

season 6. "the one with the routine". Monica lets everyone decorate the tree. On the tree was the word "joy". Yeah it stuck. like 8 years ago stuck.

Then Anthro this year wrapped twigs shaped as letters in yarn.


What you'll need:

Yarn [I used two colors]
Alphabet letters [spell any word you please]

Total Cost: $8

Wrap your yarn around the letter. i glued the end strand to the back. 

Another way I used them is...

as gift tags on ornaments. your special someone gets a lil extra bonus!


put them on wreaths.

go CRAZY and wrap yarn around bigger letters and spell something out on your mantel!!!!!!

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