Monday, November 19, 2012

#targetdoesitagain DiY pillow...

Clearance @Target. always good. ALWAYS.

So these rugs were on sale....$$$$[i think they were $12 each]

Brought them home. What to do with them. lightbulb. what about a pillow!

Embroidery thread & sequins to the rescue.

FIRST: Where to put the sequins. mybrain: [keep it simple, keep it simple]. Then hand stitch. Totally time consuming. rent a movie.

SECOND: Thread a thicker needle. map out your stitch. I went with [simple] crisscrosses. go. Luckily, I was able to just follow the lines. I like things to be "not so perfect" so my x's are cooky and I like it.

THIRD: Simply stitch the longer sides together first. I again went with crisscrosses BUT you can do a single stitch if you desire. [To do the two-toned. Single stitch with one color. Once you finish, single stitch on the opposite side with the different color.]

FOURTH: Insert pillow. A king size pillowcase fit magically. I just grabbed the spare one we have for guests. sorry guests. If you are unable to find the perfect fit pillow, stuff that bad boy with pillow stuffing!

FIFTH: Stitch the ends with a single stitch. basically, looping it around the ends. It gives the pillow character, character is good. REALLY good!

Target currently has some great rug right now. Check the kitchen isle, with the place mats, they're are some cute diamond prints. TJ Maxx is also a fantastic place to spot a good size rug.

BOOM.  Couch face lift! If you have further questions, I am ALWAYS happy to help. is where you can direct all questions!

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