Friday, November 16, 2012

dreamy lights DiY...

I tried so hard to snap photos for my DiY pillow but I watch these beautiful babies about 55+ hours a week. yesterday.was. MADNESS.

Monday.TWO POSTS. pillow DiY & setting the thanksgiving table!

To cross my fingers make up for it I'll leave you with a dreamy DiY string lights that hopefully wont disappoint.


25 piece white strand lights. spotted EVERYWHERE. Thanks Holidays
Gold foil cupcake liners. spotted at Michael's craft
5-6 Paper Mache stars. or hearts. buy at Michaels. $1.19 a star. Use a coupon. download on phone
Glitter or your choosing
Ribbon. I went with a sparkly strand. naturally.
Gold Spray paint
Glue. for the glitter.

Note: Please choose the color scheme that makes you feel dreamy. I just love metallic tones and our room is more muted.

FIRST: Buy your supplies. The beauty of it all. You can buy all of the supplies at Michaels. Unless you have a hobby lobby near by. Dang you Califonia.

SECOND: Spray paint the stars. It dries super fast. 5 minutes fast.

 THIRD: Get your glitter on! glitter those stars. hearts. let me know if you find half moons. Let them dry. this does take a couple hours.

FOURTH: Once dry, string on through lights. I spaced mine evenly through out. The stars come with an already string. AWESOME.

FIFTH: Take 2 cupcake liners. put them back to back so the gold is on the outside. poke a mini hole in the center. I used a needle. Choose randomly, or have a pattern, and poke a single light through the liners. They mold around the light easy. not like mold mold. gross. mold like dough.

SIXTH: Floss your ribbon around the light. make it lossey goose. or. make it tight and right. I'm a goose.

SEVEN: hang in the desired spot. ENJOY.

Justin told me the other night that are room is like heaven. melted my heart. mission accomplished.

PS: Don't stop with the sparkle stars being strung on lights. Make extras and hang them on your christmas tree. It will add whimsical delight to your tree and your ornaments. I kinda made like 10 of them. smile.


DiY Pillow
Decorating the table for Thanksgiving.

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