Monday, November 19, 2012

Warm settings...

Thanksgiving. Second favorite holiday.

This year color scheme. Pastel Pink. Metallic. Earth. Pomegranate.

When I mean earth, I mean the earth that's in our backyard. A lemon grove/park. I run by this park on average 3x a week.

The brain: That plants cool. Oh the color of leaves look good. Berries and branches say what. My gosh am I done with this run yet. I'm going to decorate are table with these plants. yeah. that will be cheap and easy. and I think my mother in law would appreciate this color scheme over my Hot pink and Navy theme I originally wanted to do. Next Thanksgiving:]

Get your clippers out and lets pick and prune

Blank Canvas 

FIRST: start with your big ticket items. Punkins. Candles.

SECOND: Leafy branches. Thread through your punkins and candles. Tuck ends under punkins if needed!

The candle tumblers were a DiY I did for our wedding. ReUsing those babies!

THIRD: Add your little stuff. mini punkins. pomegranates.

I bought a bunch of mini punkins for .69 cents! I spray painted them gold.

FOURTH: Add chargers and dishes. mini punkins. two for $1.00 @michaels

Silver chargers. I thrifted mine from a garage sale for $1 for 8. Michaels has some, in several colors. Target has fabulous metallic ones, with a faint would grain like pattern...#targetdoesitagain

FIFTH: Add silverware and napkins. I have yet to find the perfect napkin. ideal: grey stripe. realistic:???

Gold silverware. melt. melt. melt.


Total cost of table: $20 bucks. The punkins cost me the most. I got them half off!! Holla! They were $15 as oppose to $30.

 Here is a mini look of how I decorated our home. Simple.

PS. That garland is a total DiY I'll be posting about next week!

TOMORROW: Outfit holiday guide.....really looking forward to this one. putting clothes together like a BOSS!

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