Wednesday, November 14, 2012

evolution of a chair...

I waited patiently for these chairs to go on sale at Cost Plus Market. I almost waited to long.

[long story short: they discontinued them. had to call 5 different stores in the area. 
get there. wouldn't fit in car. :[ Justin got involved. so much for being stealth. BOOM. mine. ]

They're good. 

Then I added pillows. naturally.

Then I went to ikea. striped throw. $20 bucks. sold

Get home. AH-HA lets drape it over a chair. Add even more character.

Can't have one chair naked. all about balance. Back to ikea. stripe throw. another $20 bucks.

But wait. Now it is winter and these prints need hibernating. insert leather. 

Something about neutrals, leather, and chunky knits that just scream winter. PLUS, if you keep it neutral with blankets, pillows, festive entry rugs, dish towels, etc. You'll be able to carry all those yumminess through the end of March. great on your pocket book and eye.

Currently craving LEATHER and SEQUINS[the gold and silver kind] and deep winter BLUES.

For tomorrow:

An EASY DiY pillow to help you swap out your pillows for this winter!

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