Tuesday, November 13, 2012

camera bag redo...

If I am going to show you how my brain sees things, then i suppose a picture could do it. My husband thought the same thing. twiners.

Justin so lovingly gave me a little cannon rebel. Like that, I'm now a PAPARAZZI.

I now have this perfect size camera to snap all those mini AH-HA moments that i so often have through out the day.... especially when I am in a craft store.

Like every girl obsessed with great style, I need to rock a stylish camera bag.

So here is how my brain found/made the perfect camera bag, for my perfect little camera!

Where does one go to find a camera bag...Target, aka church. And I visit church regularly. 

and this bag has POTENTIAL. For $44 dollars, I will loosen the purse strings. Investment. 

FIRST: Snip those zipper pulls right off. ew. 

Much better. I just took simple embroidery thread that i ALWAYS have lying around. Seriously. Next time your at Michaels, JoAnnes, craft store. etc. just pick up one, and continue to pick one up every visit. They cost .40 cents and your collection will build in no time. 

I tied knots and added some spikey beads...purchased at hobby lobby. spotted at michaels.

SECOND: This handle has to go. It makes the already leather case look cheap. ugly. 
Embroidery thread to the rescue. 
Now I am wrapping the thread around the handle. TIGHTLY. Each time I want to switch colors, I just tie the existing wrapped thread's end to the next color in line. easy.

For tying the end, I slipped the loose thread end through a needle.
Took that needle, and went through the black vinyl handle. 
Tied a triple knot and snip. 

THIRD: Breathe. Because now is the time where you reflect and go what next. I am personally a classic "junker". more. more. more. 

I am currently evolving my style. I'm 26 for pete sakes. I need to starting cleaning up my rough edges. So I am going to stop, even though I really want to:

add a patch, or two or three
stitch on the leather
add some sort of sparkle/metalic/camo fabric to the front
add studs

But for now, she is simple, she is perfect. Thanks target and thank you .40 cent thread. 


I'm so excited to share some really easy, really CHEAP, holiday decorating DiY, with really BIG satisfaction to your CHEER!

P.S.S. seriously go buy some embroidery thread. You'll need it for my upcoming projects. pick colors that go with your "holiday theme". Can you guess mine!!! 

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