Monday, November 12, 2012

What inspires....

This is the beginning.

I have a brain that NEVER shuts off. A brain bursting with creativity. Oozing out of my fingertips; I cant deal....So I'll share.

I'm starting with the place where this brain tries to sleep at night, our home... p.s. I'm married.

My darling husband bought me a camera so I can document how my gears work & what my eyes see.

Our pride and joy, with his joy

Our entry way, aka my masterpiece. Yes it's true, that's not wallpaper. That's my brain saying, i'm bored, i'm bored, i'm bored. So I woke up one Sunday and painted our entry. I stare at it all the time. It inspires me. 

That lucite umbrella is an ABSOLUTE fav of mine, but it never rains in orange county.

Our bar cart. a must. 

Places for our bums to sit. Those chairs, inspire me.

Fall Mantel.

My night stand. The turquoise necklace, it's my mothers from the 70's, and it's delicious. It inspires me

My closet. i stare at it all the time. it inspires me

Those pants. They inspire me. #targetdoesitagain 

Wool socks. fluffy bed. Hunky husband to my right. PERFECTION. 


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