Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Impulse Master Bedroom ||

Today I am having one of those relaxing 'picking up around the house' days. I'm wearing the most comfortable dress ever, even though it is a total MAN REPELLER outfit. 

This past weekend I have really been thinking about the direction our living room is going to go. Im ready to pull the trigger on hanging some art but want it to be right. Picking art is so hard. It can transform your room in the most dramatic way. I'm torn between three styles. 

But I've always been a firm believer in trusting your gut. If it moves you, sticks out in your mind in anyway, just pull the trigger. The plaid chair I recovered in Buffalo Check is one of my favorite patterns. I always gravitate to it. I try not to worry about whats hip right now. I go with my gut. 

So I wanted to incorporate the mud cloth I've been seeing pop up lately. Pillows, wall art, modge podge of some sorts, the road was endless. My bank account was not. I've really challenged myself to transform this living room in a very small but impactful budget.

So my thought was to paint the pattern on pillowcases for the couch. I realized though, I want the pillows to be really comfortable. Our couch is kinda stiff and I want the comfort. So comfort trumped craft. Our couch faces into our bedroom, yes super small living, and are room is nothing spectacular. That's a whole different post one day. 

I did get to thinking though, while sitting on the couch. I could paint the back wall of our bedroom that pattern. I went back and fourth for days. It would be busy, do I want a busy bedroom? They always say "go zen". hmmmmm. Just do it. 

Amber Lewis is one of my favorite interior designers. She is based out of Southern California and I have watched her really grow her business and amazing cliental the past couple of years. She totally RULES and is so fun to follow on instagram and her blog.

She recently launched her own Mud Cloth inspired wall paper this summer. Her wallpaper line was the inspiration behind the wall. 

If we hate it, I can paint over it. I have a plan B. Always have a plan B. That's the beauty about paint. Its always changeable and affordable. I practice a couple different patterns until I found a combination I liked. 

The X mean a luxurious housewife life. No joke. The circles with the dots in the center represent happy familylife. I thought that was sweet. 

It really has brought the room to life. 


  1. OMG this is sooooo beautiful!!! I'm totally inspired! Been trying to figure out what to put on our bathroom walls. I tried a large scale, free handed triangle pattern with painters tape but I really didn't like it. I"m wondering if I needed a smaller scale. We'll definitely keep following glad we found you! --Zandra from Little Yellow Couch

  2. I love seeing it through the glass doors! awesome!

  3. I love what you've done! I've seen mud designs a lot lately too. We are preparing to makeover our master bedroom. It is really really blah right now.... Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. AAAH! yes! totally love it! good choice and don't paint over it yet!

  5. This is so beautiful! And you're very brave but I'm all for "go for it!" too, like you said you can always paint over it!


  6. Dynamic and beautiful! Like you, I'm more interested in what looks and feels good to me than what the current trends are--although it certainly doesn't hurt when they come together ;-) And I've never been a matchy-matchy knd of girl. So your style resonates strongly with me. I appreciate the inspiration, since I'm always a bit timid about bold moves. But you're absolutely right: there's always a Plan B!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous design and its meaning makes it even sweeter. Your bedroom looks dreamy! You are talented. Keep up the inspiration!!