Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Living Room Makeover ||

You guys! My living room has just gotten a serious face lift and it was completely by surprise!!

 I'm so in love with the turn out of this chair. It makes me so happy! 

It all started last Sunday when Justin went away for the week. Isn't that how it always begins, "my husband is out of town, get shit done" My sister and I had justin put stetson to bed and we were vegging out sister style. 

I started to troll Craigslist. (secret obsession) I have a couple of rugs for sale and I just want them gone. I lowered the price on one and boom sold. So then I started looking casually for myself. There was a beautiful navy blue rug with muted reds and greens in a killer pattern. 8 x 10. #SOLD. I picked it up Monday night and then it just started happening. 

My mom came to town for a couple days and I somehow talked her into helping me recover Stetson's rocking chair. ( I'll share a post about that later). It didn't take much to convince her and plus I had all the material, I just need her patience and puzzle solving skills. Moms are so great that way!


I have always loved a good checkerboard pattern. I've been hoarding this fabric for almost 4 years now and it still makes my engine roar! When deciding on design decisions, at the end of the day go with your gut and choose the one that will make you happy. Im sure buffalo check is so out right now but I don't care, it makes me so happy and inspires me to create more. 

The original plan was to put the chair back in Stetson's room but something happened. With the chair missing for a couple of days, the room had more space to spread out. I would find him playing in his room more. Which I came to realize we do not hang out in his room enough. 

Also, when the chair was hanging out in the living room, It's checkered goodness was really complimenting the new rug. A light bulb went off and I rolled with it. I put the other leather chair in the basement and moved the new rocker in its place! 

I got the coffee table a couple of weeks ago, put she never shined in the to brown of room. EW did you ever know that I hated our living room. I constantly picked it apart. It's to brown, it's to blah, ew ew ew.  

Now the coffee table shines! The legs of the rocking chair match the coffee table and foot stool. I could not have planned it better, because all three items have been thrifted and craigslist. 

My Grandma is a multitalented quilter. Last summer, she let me pick out some of my favorite fabric of hers. I found this indigo dyed flower dot patterned. I thought I would probably hoard it forever like she did, but it happened to be lying on top of the buffalo check. So I made two pills for the couch and chair. It was my first time sewing in a zipper. Pretty easy, nothing to it! 

This living room feels so much more like Justin and I.  California cool meets Idaho comfort! 

It feels more adult-like but kid friendly. 

It's lit a match in me to go through every room and make it feel more lived in and cleaned up.

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