Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Peak Into the Living Room ||

This past weekend I had a mini garage sale. Basically a bunch of home goods and clothes that I haven't been able to part with for years and I finally ripped the bandaid and got rid of them. It was both liberating and maddening, but I was on a mission to clean out.

Now, I have been on the hunt looking for a new coffee table. I've looking for something with clean lines, simple design, mid-century, pretty wood or white stone, and of course Stetson proof. I almost pulled the trigger on one too but it wasn't what I really wanted and so I remained patient. Until this gem of a coffee table came to me this past weekend! It was perfect. It was everything I didn't know I wanted and more.   - and! I bought it from the cutest girl and her family that were getting ready to move to Corona Del Mar.  Such a small world.

She is fitting in real nicely. I love that she is round. She makes the space more friendly then formal. She also eliminates a bunch of the brown tones going on.....which I HATE the color brown. Sure I like wood, I like natural fibers, I like baskets and bentley, BUT I do not like the color brown. Yet, it seems to overpower the living room and my serene state of mind.

So much brown....ew....

I need to figure out something to hang on this empty wall. I was thinking an art print. A cloud painting or maybe some sort of cactus print. I love this ONE from the Aestate. She has maj talent.

To bring in more toy storage, I removed two drawers and replaced with two baskets. Allowing the toys to be easily assessable and easy to clean up.

The foot stool is happy about his new momma too! They compliment each other all the time.

Can you spy the antenna ?

I put a basil plant on the coffee table to add more life to the room. I really dig it!

 hmmmmmmmm.........this coffee table has really got me thinking of a little makeover........hmmmmm

.....is it worth my husband headache.......

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