Thursday, July 2, 2015

Four Years Ago...

Today is our Wedding Anniversary and I can still feel the heat and love on that day four years ago!

Oh yeah, 100 plus degrees in Temecula, CA in July, was not a recipe for a cool time but despite the heat it was so much fun. And some of the best memories involve how we survived the heat that day!

I am obsessed with the Fourth of July! It's my favorite holiday. It's a no pressure just fun kind of day! Everyone celebrates across the nation and that's pretty cool to think about.

I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding but I didn't want it to be over powered. So hints of patriotism were found through out.

I wanted a country wedding. In a barn somewhere. But the only Barn I could find in Southern California was out in Temecula. We had just moved to California and I had no idea how hot Temecula is in July. I think i remember people saying something about it but I was all "Don't rain on my parade!"

It was a total DIY wedding. I found all the table decor and with my mom and sisters help we made all the desserts for the dessert table. Such a true labor of love!

One of my friends was just starting her flower business and she did all the arrangements. I was a mess when it came to picking the bouquets. I had no idea which route I wanted to go. Color, no color?!?! It wasn't like how it is today, with wedding websites everywhere and PINTERST! You had to kinda fly blind. Lindsay was SUCH a huge help and let me come to the flower market to look at my options. Her company is called Sugar Branch Events and she also did my sister in laws flowers!!

I wanted my bridesmaids to be eclectic and have a dress of their style. I told them the colors could be cream or a gray/slate blue color. They KILLED it!!! My sisters dress we found at Target two days before the wedding.

Justin had the great idea of wearing a different suit from all his groomsmen. He said he hated looking at photos and not knowing who the groom was. He so smart sometimes. So he wore black and the men wore white! I made all their boutonnieres! They were some of my favorite details.

My dress was by Melissa Sweet. I had always seen her stuff in wedding magazines and always loved her collections. I always choose her dress, so it was no surprise that when I was trying on dresses, it was hers that i fell in love with. AND i didn't even know it was a Melissa Sweet until I said, "this is the one"!! It was the third dress I tried on and that was it.

My grandma and mom made all the jams from the berries on their farms. We handed them out to all the guests.

The cake was another favorite detail of mine. I loved how raw and whimsical it looked. I can't take all the credit. Hilary Duff had just gotten married a couple months before me and her cake was in the small crease of people. It was enough to catch my eye and make me fall in love!

(I made the cake topper! Justin had a basset hound and I have a yorkie. We're kind of obsessed with our dogs)

Our wedding was featured on Green Wedding, which is what I was truly aiming for. I wanted our wedding to be on the website so bad that i made sure every single detail was perfect. It was a lot of work but TOTALLY worth it. Satisfaction!! Here is the link to our wedding: BestDayEver

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