Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Back Porch Redo

My Spring project, well one of my several spring projects, was to clean up and fix up our back porch. It was such a catch 22 space when we first moved in. Millions of boxes, crap I didn't want to deal with at the time, basically a big giant mess. Justin was growing tired of climbing over the mess everyday while trying to get in and out to his car.


Plus if you know me, I have to have things look good. I need a back porch to be a back porch. Welcoming and fun. So I set off. Now, if we owned this house I would've painted everything white expect the brick. It would've made the space appear bigger and very cap cod-ish.

I wanted a really comfortable place to chill, almost like a bed of some sorts. Some outdoor furniture is either to big for the space or not comfortable to lounge out and read a book for hours. Like I have hours to read a book, but if I did, I would want something comfy.

So I knew in my head I was going to be making/ hacking something. I tossed around the idea of taking the Ikea bookshelf and making it into a twin bed. I see it on pinterest all the time.

One day, I was at my moms and we were thrifting. I came across this Army cot and fell in love / knew I had to have it. I was thinking this would be perfect to have out on the porch and I'll put pillows all around it.

But then, my sister calls me up, literally two hours later, and said that her work just got in these huge 3 X 3 outdoor floor cushions that come complete with 3 outdoor pillows for only $10!!!!!!!! Do I want one? Do I want one!!!!! HECK YES! I want TWO!!!

Pieces started falling together. That next weekend I got my mop and bucket and started cleaning and clearing out the porch.

The cushions fit perfectly on the army cot. Like I could not have planned that any better and it is so comfortable to lounge on.

 I pulled the rug from our kitchen onto the back porch. Adding the rug starts to make the space feel more like an outdoor room, rather than a back porch.

I found these stools at another thrift shop and they were $5 for each! I sanded them down and spray painted them white. I was going to put a cushion on the top of them but they're really nice to have for your cocktails!

Something didn't feel right on the back greenish taupe wall. It felt incomplete in my eyes. I wanted something big to put out there. Maybe a big piece of art or wicker something. Then I thought it's the perfect spot to incorporate a chalk board. I went down to Home Depot and bought a big piece of wood ( They cut it to my measurements) and some chalk paint. 

(Brusier in the wagon) 

The Chalkboard cost me $20 in materials and two hours worth of my time painting and hanging it. 

We also strung some lights on the inside!

Opposite of the chalkboard is my Ikea shelf that has bins full of miscellanous things. One has paint in it, gardening stuff, outdoor toys for stetson, grilling extras. 

We put up a privacy screen because we can see right into our neighbors porch and they are always out there....city living.

I added some shade plants to the space to make it feel more homey! If you're ever in your space and feel like something is lacking. Something isn't as homey as you want it to be, chances are, you need a plant to feel the space. It literally brings life into your home in a very subtle way! And it's cheaper than new curtains and pillows. (I'll post about my favorite indoor, can't kill plants soon)

We cheers to a job well done! Moscow mules are my FAVORITE right now!

 Stety and I read our books out here in the mornings and it's so blissful

 This space all in all came in right under $80. And for our family, It was totally worth it because we enjoy this space everyday! Even in this bloody 100 degree heat wave! EW!!

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