Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm trying to Pinterest....

I've never been big into the whole Pinterest movement. I'm still trying to figure out the whole getting lost for hours because of all the ideas. Pinning takes time and time is very valuable to me. Baby Ump has got me thinking though. If we have a boy, that baby room is good as designed. Can we say navajo cowboy!

BUT if baby ump is a girl, i'm screwed when it comes to the nursery. I am:

A. NOT a fan of baby pink. In fact, bless the baby's heart if she is a girl because pink will probably be the last color she will ever will. Correction, I am a fan of a good pink, or minimal pink, but not every darn tootin thing pink [insert emjoi with tongue sticking out]

B. Where does that leave me for ideas for the nursery. Navajo baby girl? I'm a lil more feminine then that, but still pretty tom boy

C. Oh if it is a girl, she will have the coolest baby girl name [mums the word on that. Justin, I'm speaking to you]

D. Pinterest illiterate

Okay, i'm not that dumb at it, and therefor you should check out my Pinterest I created a BABY UMP board. now is there a way that people can suggest baby things to like to me? I would like that. Have they invented that. Should I paten that quick?

Ideas for baby boy:

Ideas for baby girl:

Again, So many ideas for baby boy, so little ideas for baby girl.

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  1. Um... but the baby girl room is incredible.