Monday, March 4, 2013


I am so HAPPY it's March!

I always feel this dark, heavy cloud of gloom in the "arys" month' not my style

This is home I warmly welcomed the new month:

I made an Engagement Cake for my Sister in law and her Fiance



I was decked out head to toe (literally) in Target!

I used the flower Freesia on Noel's Engagement cake and had some left over. 

FACT: Fresh flowers can brighten a crummy mood! 


I've been wanting to add plants to our home. I DO NOT have a green thumb when it comes to flowers

....Veggie gardens YES! Flowers NO!

Shame really, because I would've loved to plant these poppies!

OH! but how good do these succulents look! and OMG the flower pots, Home Depot, $4 BOOM.TASTIC

I planted one for our neighbors. They've been taking care of Mr. Bentley while we've been working hard!

Speaking of Mr. Bentley// 

B ate an entire bar of 80% Dark Cocoa.....bad bad b boy

The Weather this weekend was a whooping 80 degrees. That's code for make some Ice Tea!

Justin and I went two steppin Saturday night! Gave me a chance to wear my new silver belt buckle 
//Thrifted at an antique shop $10. heart.

I also made a tasty treat for J and I. 

I'll share the details tomorrow:]

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