Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jewel tree...

Earlier this summer. on my garage sale outings. I found this frame that outlined a christmas tree, but someone had:
                      A. ripped off the jewel brooches. 
                      B. There was only 10 brooches that were ripped off altogether 

sooooo.... i gave the man my $1 and started to collect. 

Sooooo much fun!

Since July, I have been collecting brooches. pins. jewels galore! 

flea markets. thrift store. Target discounted jewelry. and the thing that started it all garage sales. 

BUT I have only allowed myself a limit of $5 per brooch. nothing higher unless it was to die! I also raided my jewelry box....so good to clean out years of never worn jewelry.  

But AH. I forgot to take before pics. story of my life.  Luckily I have the after!

There are still some empty spaces. Im okay with it. Means the hunt is still on!

 Debating on painting the frame. 

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