Friday, December 7, 2012

handcrafted christmas...

DiY friday! Marble Christmas Bulbs

I saw this on a blog 2 years ago. I cant remember where. but the idea stuck. two years later I'm doing it.


wood paint: 69 cents each [michaels]
clear bulbs: $7.99 for a 12 pack [michaels] [use a coupon]
gold leaf pen: $6.99 [michaels]
pipe cleaner: 99 cents [michael]
ribbon of your choosing
drops of water

Take the tops off. Squirt in colors! I did some with 3 and some with 6 colors. 
Add a couple drops of water. Swirl. 

-note. it will be watery at first but then thickens. You can thicken it, also, by adding more paint. 

Add the tops back on when dry!

Gold leaf the tops. Silver is great but I wanted to add more gold! 


Then I strung ribbon through the hoop. I did a mix of knots and bows.
Then string some pipe cleaner through to make a hanger!

Currently decorating the only tree we have at the moment!

 This took me a total of 3 big bang theory episodes! [roughly 1.5 hours] 

CHEERS! to the weekend!

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