Monday, January 21, 2013

...flea finds

It's no shocker to those who know me, where I will be almost every SUNDAY....


 I've been going now for almost three years this May. I'm a way more seasoned than when I first started. So I thought I would start sharing some of my Flea Finding Tips!


1. How to start...

It can be overwhelming upon entering a larger flea market. Vendors for days. Naturally, people start at the entrance, working their way from the outskirts of the rows to the middle. 

I like to start from the back, middle, and work my way to the outside rows. 

2. Early birds...

If you are going to make a day of it, then go around 9 in the morning. Typically, they open super EARLY, like 7am early....Those hours are for the die hards[me]. but if you want to enjoy the day with your girlfriends, love interest or parentals, then grab a coffee and a muffin and hit the scene!

[vintage boxing gloves, and sports memorable. I loved all the leather. Hire me if you are redoing a mans office or lil boy's room....because I have some freaking awesome idea's]

3.What to look for...

The further in you get into the rows, the more you'll start to see the same stuff, different vendors. What's hot right now is the Restoration. Industrial. Rusty lifestyle. Vendors know that, so they are going to bring items that reflect that. Knowing your style and taste will make it easier for you to determine the tents you'll gravitate too and the ones you can pass by. 

example: If you like shabby chic, don't waste you time at the danish, 70's hippie tent. 

  [my gosh how cute are these british egg holders] $6 for both, originally $4 each

4. Clothing...

My FAVORITE!! favorite. favorite. favorite. BUT. I do three things. 

A. Smell: if it wreaks, pass. 
B. Armpits: Check for discolor [nasty] and holes
C. Dry Clean: I literally leave the FM and drive straight to my dry cleaner. They can get out faint smells      and handle your vintage items more delicately then your washer. 

 [levis. pendeltons. vintage...oh YES]

5. Uniqueness... 

FM are a good place for one to go outside of there shell a little. You can find lamps, vases, furniture, clothing, art, knick knacks, etc that you can't find at a department store. So when looking at pieces, ask yourself:
A. Can I find this at Target
B. Does this work with my style

 I always try to look for something I've never seen.....perfect place right...I tend to gravitate to the more weirder, ornate, distressed pieces. 

 [Original Military Uniform. It had the privates name and year hand written on the inside tag] [FREAKING RAD!!!!]


Dress your personality! I love to see the mix of people at the market and there threads. I outfit myself in something comfortable, but very me! I tend to pick up things at the FM that I can add to my outfit while there....habit.
 [her shirt was cheetah too!] #nothatisnotme

My goodies: is a good source to find flea market in your town. 

Enjoy Pickin!


  1. You are so funny,and informative. Great tips. I love a good flea, but they are hard to find in NJ.

  2. OH My Crafty Home, that makes me so sad to hear. I'm originally from Idaho and they are non existing, so I can sympathize!