Wednesday, January 9, 2013

book recommend...

I am a huge reader and love when others read the same books I do.

I just recently finished the Paris Wife by Paula McLain was good!

I loved this book for two reasons:

  • Historical fiction [favorite kind of read]: The book takes place in the 1920's. Are heroine is Hadley Richardson. She falls in love with a very young, non-famous  yet, Ernest Hemingway. We follow their love to Paris, where Ernest pursues his writing, trying to make his name known and Hadley, Hadley learns what kind of person, wife, and mother she is.

  • Vintage Paris: I've never been to Paris, but I dream of going...and will one day. Paris in the 20's... Charismatic, romantic, simple yet breading grounds for artists that shaped our literature, our fashion and Art itself. The book brought a glimpse of a lifestyle I have always wondered if I could live. Parties, drinking, touring Europe's country side, barely making it on a dime but pursuing my passion. 
I enjoyed this book very much. SO go buy your copy at your LOCAL book store and curl up with some coffee/tea/diet coke/water and enjoy.

....Then call me so we can talk about it!

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