Wednesday, November 28, 2012

christmas past...

I went digging for photos of christmas last year. I don't like digging. It overwhelms me.

But when I want something....NOTHING will stop me until I'm satisfied.

They're nothing special, but I thought it would be nice to have some vision.

last year. anthro. had this gold beaded garland. $48 BUCKS and it was like a yard of yumminess. 
so I went to michaels. bought wood beads. sprayed them gold. strung them with twine. done. $20 compared to $48 and it's twice as long. 

It's crazy how much our home has evolved in just a year. I told justin that I want to start taking more photos of our home and making albums. actual, physical albums.

WE, EVERYBODY, THE WORLD. We already document our daily life with out even realizing it. I iphone snap all the time...except before photos or thrift finds[to excited to think usually]

BUT. How often are you printing your photos. Folks. One of my favorite things is to look at photos and albums of memories past. Holding the actual photograph makes the memory so much more vivid. Or looking at my parents when they were in their youth. smiles and chuckles for hours.

PRINT your memories. Our children's children will not have this sentiment if we don't preserve such simple traditional ways.

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  1. whit - have you heard of project life? i do it (for fun not liek the crazy project lifers) and it is great. it's a way of keeping hard copy photos and preserving them in an album but you can still have fun with styling them. love it.